If I bring my Child for Counseling…


Children and teens deserve assurance that their feelings and experiences will be respected and held private – just as adults do.  For this reason, I do not make a practice of reporting detailed therapeutic content to parents or caregivers.

However, you will be invited to participate in the process of setting goals for your child in therapy, and I am happy to provide you with updates on your child’s general engagement in session and overall progress towards goals.

When appropriate, I invite parents and caregivers into session so that they can learn of their child’s strengths, struggles, feelings, and needs directly. My goal is not to become your child’s new best friend or confidant nor to “fix” them, but to create a space where he/she can openly process experiences and honestly explore attitudes and values.

If I have reason to believe that your child’s safety is in danger, I am required to share pertinent information with the appropriate individual, usually the parent or guardian.