Additional Information:

Additionally, state law and professional ethics statutes require therapists to maintain confidentiality. There may be times you wish for your therapist to share information or give an update to someone (e.g., your physician, attorney, social worker, teacher, etc.). In this case, your therapist will have you sign a Release of Information, giving them permission to share this information. 

Note: There are some limitations to confidentiality:

• If you are a minor, you have a limited right to privacy because your parents may have access to your records. However, if your therapist believes sharing this information will be harmful to you, confidentiality will be maintained to the limits of the law.

• Any maltreatment of minors or vulnerable adults (including physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect) must be reported.

• Any imminent danger to yourself or others must be reported.

• Any information that is ordered or directed by Court Order to conform to state or federal law, rules or regulations must be allowed.

• Any information requested by the licensing board as is pertinent to a disciplinary proceeding involving a provider must be allowed.